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At Myovant, we value social media as a tool for sharing content and news about our employees, our partners and our company’s priorities: Medicine, Science and Advocacy. It’s also a place where we hope to enable two-way conversations with you, the people in our communities. In order to respect those communities, as well as adhere to the regulations that govern our industry, we have some ground rules…

Be respectful

We aim to foster positive conversations around the issues we are passionate about and a diverse community. To that end, we remove profanity, content that contains threats or hate speech, content that is aimed at private individuals, personal information meant to harass someone, and repeated unwanted messages.

No products

We can’t mention or discuss pharmaceutical products – our own or those of other companies – on these platforms. We must delete any product talk from our feeds.

Ask your doctor

This content is NOT intended to substitute for professional medical advice. Your healthcare provider is always the best resource for medical advice and information.

Keep it relevant

We welcome comments on our posts, as long as they are appropriate. We may delete off-topic comments. In short, we don’t want spammers getting in the way of the conversations we’re trying to have in this space.


It is worth noting that we are not in control of, or responsible for, third-party comments and will not necessarily respond to them on our channels.

Not a Reporting Hotline

This site is not intended as a forum for reporting side effects experienced while taking a Myovant product. Instead, you should report any adverse events or product complaints to your treating physician and Myovant Drug Safety at 1-866-599-1341 or You can also report side effects of any prescription product directly to the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088 or by visiting

In order to create and maintain a helpful, open and safe space for conversation, we may delete posts, hide posts, block users and/or report users for violating these community guidelines.

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