Working towards a common purpose

At Myovant, we each have a unique path and story. But what we share is our enthusiasm and support for our common purpose and our culture. As individuals, we can make significant progress. But we are confident that, together, we can accomplish even more for the millions of women and men we aim to serve.

Our Culture

By combining science, medicine, and advocacy, we have the key building blocks to achieve our ambitious vision for patients. But it is our culture that serves as the foundation for all of our work. From social hours to guest speakers to costume parties, we come to the office and enter a community dedicated to each other and to our goals. Our core values are a snapshot of how we approach our work.

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The people. You will never work at a company where everyone is as smart, willing to work, and united for a common goal. Plus we have a lot of fun!"

– Melissa Santikul (Senior Clinical Trial Manager)

We have very knowledgeable scientists, very inspirational leadership, and a unique team camaraderie."

– David van Veenhuyzen (Senior Director, Clinical Development)

In addition to enjoying the people that I work with, I enjoy knowing that I can invest in Myovant and it will invest in me moving forward throughout my career."

– Mark Flowers (Senior Project Specialist)

At a smaller company like Myovant, I have a direct line of sight to how my contribution results from the decisions I make. Everyone steps up and is a true team player."

– Jean Miaw (Associate Director, R&D Finance)

Why Myovant

At Myovant, we celebrate diversity and multiple perspectives. Our culture is enriched by the varied backgrounds and experiences of our employees. While our employees may have different reasons for joining Myovant, they all share at least one thing in common: an unwavering commitment to innovate and advocate for patients

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Our Journeys to Myovant

No two journeys to Myovant are the same. There is no better way to understand why so many of us have joined Myovant than hearing our stories.

Jarrad had never considered a career in biotech. Throughout his medical training, he recognized the inequities in healthcare, including in women’s health. As a practicing physician, his impact was limited to the patient in front of him, and he longed to have a greater impact at the intersection of healthcare and society.

Myovant provides Jarrad with the opportunity to have a large impact on the lives of millions of patients. As the Head of Corporate Strategy and Advocacy, Jarrad works every day to advance Myovant’s mission to be a leader in science, medicine, and advocacy. It’s the mission-driven and hardworking people, Jarrad says, that make Myovant such a special place.

Having the opportunity to come into the office each day and have it not feel like a job, but have it feel like a natural extension of what I care about outside of the office, is what draws me to Myovant.

Angie had spent the past 20 years in biopharma. That’s why, when she joined Myovant, she knew she’d have the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of millions of people. But what stood apart about Myovant for Angie was the mission-driven, collaborative, and positive culture.

As a Senior Director of Contract Manufacturing, Angie manages a team that ensures Myovant has access to the right materials for manufacturing. For Angie, the ability to have control over her work and a direct line of sight to her impact is unique to Myovant and the reason why she loves her job. The only thing better? “The Myovant Family,” Angie says.

If you want to be bigger than a number at a big corporation, come to Myovant.

A self-proclaimed “fast-talking New Yorker,” Carissa left a bustling life in Manhattan for the opportunity to build a brighter future for millions of patients at Myovant. Previously, Carissa worked in finance. What made Carissa switch to Myovant and biotech? “The opportunity to make a positive difference,” she says.

In her role as Associate Director of Development Operations, Carissa works cross-functionally to carry out Myovant’s ambitious goals to become a leader in women’s health. At the end of the day, her favorite part about working at Myovant is the people.

If you’re passionate about women’s health and you want to make a change in the world, this is the place to do it.

Miles needed a change. Since graduating from college in 2014, he had worked in laboratories and as a study coordinator at UCSF. Miles has a knack for PCR reactions, but his true love is working with people. Beyond the mission and culture, Miles was drawn to Myovant’s science, including the focus on the endocrine system and the opportunity to impact diseases across women and men.

As a Clinical Trial Management Associate, Miles is dedicated to ensuring that the HERO study runs smoothly. Although Miles works on the prostate cancer program, he is a passionate advocate for women’s health and Myovant’s Female Forward initiatives.

Lifting the current status of women’s health is absolutely a tide that raises all boats.

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